Founded in 1906 and family-owned for three generations. Öhman operates, manages and invests in businesses for the long term

The Nordic region’s largest digital platform for savings and investments. The company has a market capitalisation of SEK 46 billion (06/02/2023). Öhman's shareholding amounts to 22 percent.

Sweden's largest independent asset management firm. The fund company has SEK 145 billion in assets under management. Öhman owns 100 percent together with employees.

Investment company focused on growth investments, primarily in developed markets. The company has a net asset value of SEK 7.2 billion. Öhman's shareholding amounts to 17 percent.

Öhman's other assets are managed in the investment portfolio. The portfolio is valued at SEK 4 billion and primarily invests in private equity funds, as well as directly in private assets.